Expert Witness

1 Hyde Park 300PxFrom granite worktops and marble flooring to limestone cladding and sandstone paving, disputes are often centred around one theme. Quality. But what is the benchmark for acceptable quality? And who has the skill, experience and authority to determine it? 

On large contracts a developer or contractor can be stuck in the middle between a sub contractor that is demanding immediate payment and a design team that wants improved quality. Smaller projects may have lower financial risks, but the problems – and the hours spent resolving them - are remarkably similar. 

So what do you do if you find yourself involved in a dispute over the quality of a natural stone contract? Let us help you find a way through it. Whether you want to build a case against a contractor or supplier, or defend a case against a client or developer, we can help you achieve the outcome you want. 

Sometimes, you just need someone to point out the issues in a way that allows the other side to meet their obligations. Our knowledge of all the relevant British Standards and the many stone-related Codes of Practice means we are well placed to do just that. Of course, we can also provide you with a detailed report so you can ‘read the riot act’ to the other side if that’s what you want. 

The Stone Consultants is a member of the Stone Federation of Great Britain and the British Standards Institute. And our principal consultant, Robert Merry is a Chartered Builder (MCIOB). He is also the former managing director of a multi-million-pound stone contracting business. So you are assured that we have the experience and credentials to handle almost any dispute. 

 “We asked the Stone Consultants to survey the stonework as a dispute had arisen over the quality of the finish. The report they provided helped us to resolve the issue and move forward with the project.” 

We would be happy to meet you on site to view the stonework and give you an immediate assessment of whether or not you have a potential case. Just send us the project details or call us on 020 7502 6353.