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Designers 300PxHaving worked with architects and interior designers for 30 years, the comment below sums up the one thing that causes the most concern, time and time again. 

“The stone looks fantastic and the client is happy, but then after it was installed, we found out it wasn’t fit for purpose. Now someone is going to have to pay to have it replaced.”

No architect or interior designer wants to make that statement. And no one wants to ask: "What's the cost of replacing stonework? And who's going to pay for it?" But with the new European Standards, natural stone specification is more complex than it used to be. We're asked these questions far more often than you might think.

Is the design team at fault for specifying the wrong product? It’s far better to minimise your risks before the stone is installed rather than hope for the best or count the cost afterwards. 

We’ve been helping architects and interior designers specify and select the correct stone for 30 years. Our detailed technical knowledge of stone and our ability to ensure compliance with the latest Building Regulations means you don’t need to know the minute detail of CE Marking and the Codes of Practice - we’ll do it all for you

Whether you’re selecting marble, granite, limestone, sandstone and quartzite for interior or exterior applications, we’ll work alongside you to ensure your specification only includes stone that works in the environment you want them to. Contact us to discuss the stonework for your project.

"The Stone Consultants have helped us achieve the design brief for stone finishes on numerous occasions, guiding us through the often complicated world of stone selection. Advice is always excellent." David Field, Director of tff architects.

If you want to find out how our services could be of benefit to you without incurring any costs, we'll send you a free report on the suitability of any stone, for any project and in any application. All you have to do is email us the project details.