Contractors & Developers

Contractors 300PxFinding the balance between competitiveness and quality is a challenge for most of the trade packages you procure, but when you take into account an expensive, unpredictable natural material with notoriously long lead times, that challenge just got even bigger. 

We’ve known commercial managers with years of experience groan with dismay when they are handed the ‘poisoned chalice’ of stone procurement! Usually the entire site team from the Contracts Director to the Site Agent all know that it’s important to let the stone contract early. Yet it rarely happens. Why? Is it because it’s difficult to compare tenders? Is it complacency on the part of the QS? Or could it be more to do with confidence? 

You can’t be expected to know the ‘ins and outs’ of every trade. If you find yourself with the responsibility for a stonework package, and you want to avoid an expensive learning curve, feel free to call on our 30 years of stone contracting experience. We can show you how to reduce costs, minimise your risk and select the right sub-contractor.

Whether your stone package is for internal fit out, external stone cladding or hard landscaping, we’ll work with you - either in the background or running the package on your behalf - to ensure the material and installation is fully compliant with the Building Regs, and is delivered on time and on budget. Contact us to discuss the stone package for your project. 

“The Stone Consultants' service was excellent. From trips to Italy to select the material and drawing approval of complicated book-matched materials to production and site QA, the stonework was a great success. The project has now been nominated for a Natural Stone Award.” John Rushworth, MD of Restore London. 

If you want to find out how our services could be of benefit to you without incurring any costs, we'll send you a free report explaining the risks or the VE options for any stone, on any project and in any application. All you have to do is email us the project details.