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We’ve been helping architects and interior designers specify and select the correct stone for 30 years. Our detailed technical knowledge of stone, and our ability to ensure compliance with the latest Building Regulations means you don’t need to … click on Designers & Consultants to find out more. 

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You can’t be expected to know the ‘ins and outs’ of every trade. If you find yourself with the responsibility for a stonework package, and you want to avoid an expensive learning curve, … click on Contractors & Developers to find out more. 

Expert Witness

If you find yourself involved in a dispute over the quality of a natural stone contract, whether you want to build a case against a contractor or supplier, or defend a case against a client or developer, let us help you find a way through it. …. click on Expert Witness for more information. 

Stone Industry

If you're about to sign up for one of the biggest contracts of your business life, we think it pays to have someone to read the small print, so you know where you stand. … click on Stone Industry for more information.